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Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner can be really daunting when there is so much to choose from. This is a question I get asked a lot. So I thought I would break it down and try to make your decision a little less stressful.

First you need to know what hair type you have. Generally there are four main hair types Normal, Oily, Dry, and Damaged. I think what makes our choice the hardest is most of us fall into more than one category.

  • Normal is natural, healthy, normally not chemically treated
  • Oily is hair that is usually finer and or thinner than normal and tends to get oily very quickly, it can be chemically treated where the roots become oily very quickly but the ends remain normal to dry
  • Dry can is hair that is dry and rough to touch, generally frizzy and hard to manage. Not always chemically treated
  • Damaged is hair that has been damaged by over treating with chemicals, heat styling or chlorine, this hair can be very fragile

What you may not know is that the key feature of a shampoo is to cleanse your scalp and treat scalp complaints, helping to create healthy new hair as it grows. Your Conditioner is what looks after your luscious locks, and aids mostly in the repair of damage, add moisture and shine or control frizz. 

So how do you choose your Shampoo?

Normal hair people should be choosing a moisturizing everyday shampoo. If using thermal tools on a regular basis a moisturizing range will help prevent heat damage.

Oily/fine hair whether chemically treated or not generally ends up greasy and limp the next day when using the wrong shampoo. As mentioned before this i where choosing a shampoo to suit your scalp condition comes into play. Shampoos for oily/fine hair work on controlling the production of oil in the skin. Usually allowing you to go a couple of days between shampoos. When buying a salon exclusive product they will also be safe to use on chemically treated hair. 

Dry hair can be this way for different reasons, So you need to choose a shampoo for your specific issue. I your hair is naturally curly and frizzy try a control range, if it is due to chemical treatments use either a colour care product or a moisturizing range. If it is from Chlorine use a shampoo specifically designed for swimmers.

Damaged hair can be this way for may reasons, usually from over processing with bleach or straightening products or even an over use of heat tools without thermal protection. Again determine why your hair has become damaged and choose accordingly. Bleach damaged hair would need both protein and moisture shampoo and over drying with heat tools would benefit from a moisture shampoo and even those that have a thermal protector.

So how do you choose your Conditioner?

You don't have to use the same conditioner as your shampoo. In some cases the shampoo is looking after your scalp condition, such as dandruff or excessive oiliness. While your hair itself may actually have a completely different complaint. So choose a conditioner that suits your hair.

Normal hair people should choose a conditioner for normal to dry hair and only put the conditioner on mid lengths to ends.

Oily/fine hair can use a range of products. Some people only have oily roots and may need a moisturizing conditioner for the mid length and ends. Or if you are extremely oily you can use a product that is for oily roots as well and is applied from roots to ends. 

Dry hair generally needs a moisturizing conditioner and even a conditioning treatment on a weekly basis.

Damaged hair can also use a combination of protein and moisture conditioners and a conditioning treatment on a weekly basis.

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