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NAK Colour Masque Conditioner - Violet Pearl (265ml)

NAK Colour Masque Conditioner - Violet Pearl (265ml)
Code: NPCMVP265
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Product Description

Deposits opalescent colour and shine to refresh both colour treated hair and natural hair.

Ten reflective and exquisite conditioning Colour Masques; a creative colour collection designed to refresh high fashion shades, natural reflects or softly tone and maintain colour between services.

sulphate free. paraben free. refresh. treat. shine

Recommended For: Violet Pearl - cool violet tones


  • Cationic conditioning pigments - gloss enhancing Macadamia Oil
  • Strengthening Sea Proteins, luxurious treatment Botanicals
  • Boosts colour intensity, promoting vibrancy and shine
  • Prevents colour fade and maintains colour between services
  • Versatile colour collection from high fashion to natural
  • Conditioning colour longevity from roots to ends
  • Masks greys, blends style and shade variations
  • Introduces clients to new and different colour concepts
  • In salon basin express service, for on the go refresh and shine
  • Simple, easy after cleansing retail application


Key Ingredients: Formulated with strengthening Sea Proteins, luxurious treatment botanicals and enriched with gloss enhancing Macadamia Oils.

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How to use
(Wear gloves as staining of hands, towels, tiles and grout may occur)
  1. Cleanse with recommended NAK Shampoo
  2. Apply evenly to clean towel-dried damp hair from roots to ends
  3. Massage into hair and comb through to distribute evenly
  4. Leave-in for 3-5 mins (or 5-20 mins for increased vibrancy), rinse well until water runs clear
  5. Towel-dry. For best results apply NAK colour Fix Leave-in Treatment
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