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Styling Products


Styling products come in many varied forms, from those used to help protect the hair from heat styling tools, to those with a high hold factor and those that have a soft or no hold factor at all. These can include, mousses, serums,waxes gels and cremes.

When choosing your styling products it is important to consider how you are styling your hair. If you are using heat tools be sure to choose a product with heat protection and if you are using gels or waxes on short hair, you may need to consider using a cleansing shampoo if it is not water soluble.

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RPR Wave Wax - Dry Wax, Definition, Texture & Hold (90g)
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$10.00 each (Save: $10.96)
De Lorenzo Elements Granite Strong Hold Finishing Spray (200ml)
( 0 )
$12.95 each (Save: $4.00)
De Lorenzo Elements Afterglow Anti-Humidity Shine Spray (150ml)
( 3 )
$15.60 each (Save: $6.35)
American Crew King Grooming Cream (85g)
( 0 )
$14.95 each (Save: $15.00)
Low Stock
NAK Surf Styler for Beach Hair (250ml)
( 0 )
$18.70 each (Save: $9.25)
NAK Done.n.Dirty Clay Duo Pack (90g + 25g)
( 0 )
$18.60 each (Save: $16.30)