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Volume Products


Volumizing products are products that temporarily help to give fine and limp hair lift from the roots to give the illusion of height and thickness. They can come different forms such as, shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. 

Shampoo and conditioner forms of the volumizers are used just like ordinary shampoo or conditioners. While the styling aids are generally applied to wet hair and use heat to activate its volumising ingredients. Root volumizing mousses and lotions are often the most effective.

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De Lorenzo Instant Accentu8 Conditioner (375ml)
( 0 )
$17.15 each (Save: $7.80)
NAK Body and Shine Conditoner (375ml)
( 0 )
$18.70 each (Save: $8.25)
NAK Dry Zone Matte Spray Wax (140g)
( 0 )
$18.70 each (Save: $9.25)
RPR My Thicker Fuller Stronger Conditioner (1 Litre)
( 0 )
$17.65 each (Save: $22.30)
Silk Oil Of Morocco Argan Fine Hair Volume Masque (200ml)
( 0 )
$24.95 each (Save: $14.95)
Salon Only SO Swell Sea Salt Spray (250ml)
( 0 )
$12.95 each (Save: $12.00)